At Inskip Orthotics and Biomechanics, our focus is on biomechanics.

Using the award-winning Vertical Foot Alignment (VFAS), we treat the following conditions:

Plantar fasciitis
Hip bursitis
Shin splints
Knee pain
Severs disease
Achilles tendinitis
Lower back pain 
Flat feet
Knock knees
Illio tibial band syndrome
Leg length difference
Compartment syndrome
Muscle imbalance
Tibialis posterior syndrome
Patella maltracking
Flat feet


Children's Feet

We place great importance on treating children's feet. We carry out quality biomechanical assessments that are specifically designed for children, in order to test and maintain healthy feet and posture. We believe that prevention is key and our aim is to pick up and treat conditions early. We often end up treating several family members for the same condition, as many of them have a genetic component.


Common conditions we treat in children:


Flat feet

Knock knees


OS good schlatters

Excessive tripping

Awkward gait (walking style)

Posture concerns